The Pink Silks Trust is a registered charity and has a strong focus on assisting local women’s health organisations with much needed equipment and services, as well as contributing to national research foundations.

The main and original event held annually is the Pink Silks Ladies Race Day at Coffs Harbour Racing Club. It is aimed to bring families and friends together to show a collective support of all women in our community, undergoing a challenging time with their illness.  Raising $25,000 at the first event, and after 13 years, PST have raised over $1,000,000.00

The Pink Silks Trust now actively runs and assists several events throughout the year, so we can increase our message to many community demographics and all of the community can make an interest-based contribution to directly helping women in our community.

The Pink Silks Trust committee consists of 7 hard-working and very passionate people, who give their time selflessly for the cause. Each committee member has focus to help other women in our local community and create a better awareness of needs for health and well being.